Saturday 23 January 2021
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Vanuit Australiƫ:

2013 Bridle on a 2012 V6 TRX

The 2013 TRXs are a massive improvement over the 2012s mostly because of the bridle, but also because of some small tweaks to the kite. Below are the 2013 bridle measurements transposed onto the 2012 TRX v6 Kites.
Note: the bridle will only work with a 2012 V6 TRX The bridle is pulley less, use a single line flagging release. It takes me about 15 minutes to make a bridle from spare kite lines.

The 2013 Bridle on the 2012 V6 kites, makes the kite have alot more upwind, agility, turning speed and response, better topend windrange and a little more bottom end wind range. It is a large improvement over the 2012 bridle. The above bridle does not fit a 2013 V7 TRX kite ( different sizing ) Use the top bolder measurement for the inside line.